Terms & Conditions

1. In the product page, select ‘Trade-In' option from the drop down.

2. Get S$100 discount when you trade in Split A/C with new Split A/C.

3. Get S$30 discount when you trade in or trade-in for Portable A/C. 

4. When our installer ship the new air-con to you, they will dismantle/remove and collect your old air-con.

5. If the trade-in air-con is not available for collection during installation, our installer will collect back the discount by cash.

Trentios E-Gift Card Terms & Conditions Consumer advisory — Trends Home Electrical Pte Ltd (“Trentios”) e-Gift Card(“Card”) is limited purpose e-money, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Consumers are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully. By purchasing or using this card, the purchaser and/or the user is deemed agreed to these terms and conditions

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Trentios Product Warranty Terms & Conditions

All products are supported with a certain months of manufacturer's warranty against breakdown.

All products come with 1 year (12 months) of basic warranty coverage, except for accessories like WIFI Dongle, Remote Control, Rain Shower Head.

The warranty is only valid for Singapore only.


Register Your Warranty

E-Register your warranty online at https://www.trentios.com/support/warranty-registration/

The warranty only valid if all the particulars are complete and mail to Trentios or fill in online within 14 days from the date of purchase.


Warranty does not cover:

1. Defect or failure due to accident, misused, act of god, tampering or abuse.

2. Defects or failure due to improper/incorrect installation, installation to incorrect power supply voltage and usage not in accordance to the operating instructions.

3. Normal wears and tears, corrosion, rust, stains or scratches.

4. Plastic items, filters, strainers, driers, refrigerant, belts, cabinet, dust cover and and external parts such as control knobs, levers, electrical plugs and cable and other detachable parts or accessories.

5. Labour charges for servicing/replacement of indicated specific spare parts.

6. Transportation for delivering the unit to and from the service center and checking of improper installation/operation of the unit.

7. Regular maintenance servicing or cleaning.

8. A minimum transport charge of $45 is payable for outdoor service calls or $30 of checking fee for walk-in servicing for products purchased more than 6 months(1 year for split air-con) and above.


Warranty shall becomes void under the following situation:

1. The serial number is removed, altered or defaced.

2. Any unauthorized repairs, alteration or modifications are carried out on the unit.

3. Regular maintenance servicing where necessary was not carried out.

4. The unit has been used for commercial purposes or which has been rented/leased or on loan to other users.

5. Any amendments and alterations to the warranty card.

IMPORTANT: Purchase receipt together with the warranty card must be produced upon request, and parts such as fuse in plugs, which require routine replacement are excluded from the warranty.

If there is difference between the online and print version, the print version of warranty terms & conditions is deemed correct.


Service Helpline

You can call our service helpline (65) 6634 0312 or fill in the form at https://www.trentios.com/support/enquiry/ if you have any questions regarding the product(s) that you purchased and also arrange for repair if your product breaks down.

Consumer Advisory – Trends Home Electrical Pte Ltd(“Trentios”) Trentios Family(“TF”) loyalty programme(“membership”) is a limited purpose digital payment token, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Consumers are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully.
• This membership can only be subscribed online at Shop.Trentios.com.
• This membership is valid for one (1) year from the date of subscribe.
• This membership discount may be used for purchases made at Trentios Online Shop & HQ only.
• Trentios reserves the right to withdraw or change the terms & conditions of the Trentios Family loyalty programme without prior notice.
• Read full Terms & Conditions.

T-Point Redemption

Member earns one(1) T-Point for every $1 SGD spend^. All spending are entitle for T-Point including appliances products and servicing products, extended warranty, e-gift card, installation and delivery, and exclude anything that are not listed on Trentios Online Shop. You will have the option to unutilise points as payment in the checkout page. The point

a. may be used as payment only when the points value is more than the order value.
b. may be used multiple times until account stored point reaches zero;
c. may not be combined with other modes of payment, including e-gift card, if its T-point is insufficient;
d. if any product or service is cancelled/refunded or exchanged where the amount is affected, the T-Point will be updated accordingly;
e. may be accumulated only when the member is logged-in.
^ T-Point is calculated based on the rounded sum amount after redemption of coupon/voucher, e-gift card & T-Point. T-Point is calculated after deduct GST.

Check T-Point Balance

Member can visit (shop.Trentios.com/t-points/) to check the points balance.

T-Point Validity

The T-Point will expire in twenty-four (24) months from accumulated, provided if the membership is still active. The unutilized points will revert to null if the membership is expired. It is not Trentios responsibility to remind members if there is remaining credit in their account. The points may not be converted to or exchanged for cash or transferred to another card, regardless of whether the stored point has been fully or partially unutilized, unless required by law.